Üllői u. 206 (Office Center)

HU-1191, Budapest

we provide for
Punctually is what we stand for - correct payment of salaries and administrative processing.
We call our accommodation – housing, because we want our employees to feel like at home in a friendly and safe environment.
We offer our employees free transportation from home to work with convenient and safe transport.
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Anastasia (31)
'It’s a great pleasure to work for Stipt!'

I worked at the Greenhouse for Stipt. In the Greenhouse it gets very hot around July but the work is good.
I stay at the Valkenhof, which is an apartment complex and it’s very similar to my apartment in Moldova. Outside of work I enjoy sports really much as well as reading, dancing and my passion interieur design.

Stipt always pays my salary on time. My healthinsurance was taken care of and I enjoy my time in Holland. It is a very nice way of earning money! It’s nice to be in Holland and its a nice place to spend time.

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Nikolajs (24)
'I love my job!'

I work at Vreugdenhil for I think a little more than two years now.
At Vreugdenhil I do a lot of different types of work from wrapping till ‘stieken’.

The work is good and very variable, it’s also during the day and you make good hours.

I have my own house here in the Netherlands.
I like living here, I have my girlfriend who works at Greenpack and who I met in Stipt, and we have a baby on the way.

We have a great life here.

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Sanita (35)
'In the Netherlands you won’t die of hunger'

I have worked as an orderpicker at Greenpack for over nine years. Now I work for almost two years at H. Van Wijnen, a fish factory. At H. Van Wijnen I have an important function, I support the supervisor.

At the moment I live in Rotterdam, this is my own house and i’m very happy with it. I have a lot of hobbies but the one I like most is exercising. I live in the Netherlands for ten years now and I always have a job, never had I been without one. Everything in the Netherlands is arranged. You won’t die of hunger, there is always the possibility to get around. The Netherlands also has good benefits.

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'Everyday is different'

I work at Stipt for almost two years now. The reason why I like working for Stipt is because everyday is different that’s what keeps me like my job. My colleagues are also very nice and fun. I check the depot for arrival at my job in Logistics.

I live in Schiedam in my own house, a house I got from Stipt. My house in the Netherlands is nice, I live there together with my girlfriend and my kid. It’s big enough for the three of us.
My hobbies are watching TV and going to kickboxing with my kid or go to swimming with him. The reason why I think the Netherlands is better than Latvia is because of the better working conditions in the Netherlands.

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