Housing is one of the qualities of Stipt. Our housing is more like a home, because we want to make you feel at home in a healthy and secure environment. We believe that it is crucial to provide good housing.
All housing is certified  by SNF, a Dutch company that makes sure all the houses meet their qualifications. With the certificate we can prove our housing is safe and is up to standard.


Stipt can also provide for transport from your country to the Netherlands. For more information about the transport from your country to the Netherlands. You can call, mail or visit our office:

Contact Stipt office Moldova
Str. Ismail 98/4 (Lunedor, etajul 5)

Republica Moldova

T: (+373 22) 80 30 51
T: (+373) 798 700 66
E: moldova@stipt.com

Once arrived in the Netherlands we also take care of your transportion to- and from work. We can bring a big group of people at once with our coach services. Smaller groups will be brought in smaller cars.


We believe in rewarding people who work hard. The rewarding system is achievable and stimulating but you have to earn it. There is also a possibility to grow within the Stipt company if we see you are competent and motivated!
We will try our hardest to create a feeling of unity within the team on the working grounds. When the whole team achieves good results this will be rewarded as well.

Ofcourse all our salaries are according all laws and regulation.

Health Insurance

We will make sure you will get a good health Insurance according to Dutch standards. Our health insurance is done by the organisation Hollandzorg specialized in employees who come from abroad and work in the Netherlands.
You will get your healthcard, with this card you can go to all dutch hospitals and get (urgent) care.


We will provide for an honest pension. The pension is from the organisation Stipp (Achmea)which is an expert on temporary workers.

Social security number

When you work at Stipt you will get a Dutch social security number. You are obliged to have one by Dutch law.
Stipt will take care of all the paperwork so you immediately will have a social security number before you start working in the Netherlands.

Bank account

To pay out your salary  easily and quickly we will provide you a Dutch bank account.
The advantage of having a Dutch bank account is huge because you can shop everywhere in the Netherlands. You can also quickly receive your salary.