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Who are we
Stipt is a reliable employment agency, that exist for more then twenty years

Stipt is an employment agency with more than 20 years experience, specialised in executing all general and simplified production work. Stipt will always try to find the best match for both candidates and clients.

We guarantee a correct payment of social contributions, taxes and fair payment for employees. We help you to get a citizen service number which is required in the Netherlands. Stipt is an employment agency that takes care about full service for their employees, housing, transport, health insurance and a honest pension.

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Why work in the Netherlands?

one of the most developed countries of the world

The Netherlands is one of the most developed countries in the world.
The Dutch economy heavily relies on the high developed agriculture and the international trading business. The Netherlands also has one of the best infrastructure worldwide.

In the Netherlands there is a high demand for motivated workers in the agriculture as well as in factories, logistics and in production.

Working abroad could change your life:

  • Earning good money (up to 2 or 3 times more than the local level)
  • New career possibilities
  • New experiences
  • The opportunity to meet new people
  • New adventure
  • A new and stable future for yourself

Life in the Netherlands

fluently communicate in English

In the Netherlands the official currency is the Euro. The Netherlands is a highly populated country with many different cultures. The official language is Dutch but people in Netherlands are very international, almost every resident is able to fluently communicate in English and/or other languages as well.
Dutch people are generally described as very direct and kind people. You can always ask what’s on your mind.

Requirements in the Netherlands

a pension for the future

Everyone staying in the Netherlands is required to be insured and has to have a Social Security Number. When you work in the Netherlands you also build up a pension for the future.

We take care of


We like to call our housing a home. We have the vision that housing is an important part of our relationship. Our houses meet the standards of the SNF. The SNF is a dutch organisation that checks if houses meet their standards in order to receive a certificat.


The transportation to work and back is organised with our cars or buses. All our vehicles are gps tracked and they can be used only for house to work transportation. Fuel and insurances are covered by Stipt. We are also capable of providing transport from your country to Netherlands.


We will make sure you will get a good health Insurance according to Dutch standards. Our health insurance is done by the organisation Hollandzorg specialized in employees who come from abroad and work in the Netherlands.


We will provide for an honest pension. The pension is from the organisation Stipp (Achmea) which is an expert on temporary workers. This way you build a long term future within Stipt!

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Stipt is always looking for reliable, flexible and hardworking people.
We provide work all year round in various fields. Choose the one that suits you best and we will contact you!
Human characteristics we higly value:
Your personal information will be handled with trust and care.
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